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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing combination of client centered table massage interspersed with the use of warmed basalt stones. These are placed at various points on the body to encourage increased circulation, ease of tension, and a sense of grounding energy. Therapists will also hold the stones, repeatedly passing over and working tense muscles. The penetrating heat from the stones helps soften the tissue for a deeply relaxing experience.

Reiki Massage

Each Reiki session combines traditional massage and the subtle yet profound healing that can only come from energy work. Reiki is an energetic technique that can have deeply relaxing and healing benefits for both mind and body. Reiki sessions can be used for general wellness and stress reduction or to help with specific concerns. When performing the Reiki portion of the massage your therapist will place or hold their hands on or just above different areas on the legs, arms, back, head or torso as they facilitate the energy transfer. As the energy moves through the therapist’s hands, many people notice radiating warmth, wave-like sensations or a pleasant coolness flow through the body, followed be deep relaxation. Combined with traditional massage techniques a Reiki session is a powerful way to relieve stress, muscle tension, and pain.

Cupping Massage

Cupping has been used as a therapeutic modality for thousands of years to help alleviate conditions such as pain due to injury, limited range of motion and stress related ailments. Your massage therapist will use silicone cups to create decompression of your muscles and surrounding tissue. Each session is tailored to address your specific areas of focus. For some, the application of the cups, like a deep tissue massage, can feel intense during the few minutes they are engaged while others find it deeply relaxing throughout. Cupping can help to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and lessen pain and anxiety. Try a cupping session today and experience the benefits for yourself!
Service Notes:
We accept cash, local checks, and all major credit cards.
We do not accept insurance, but will gladly provide you with a verification letter so that you may submit your sessions yourself.
We require 24-hour notice should you need to cancel your appointment. This notice should be confirmed by phone only.
All massages performed here adhere to our draping policy.