Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies 2023

The Massage Sanctuary is committed to ensuring your comfort and safety. In an effort to limit possibilities for viral exposure and create an environment in which everyone feels at ease receiving and giving bodywork, we have put the following policies in place:

  • As of 4/3/2023, the Washington State Department of Health's policy has changed to allow masking in health care settings to become optional and at the discretion of individual practices and practitioners. At this time, Sanctuary staff will continue to mask to protect ourselves and our immunocompromised clients.
  • When you come for your session, please mask if: feel most comfortable/ safer doing so. have been unmasked at a large gathering, a busy restaurant/bar, or on public transit during the past week. have had a known or suspected exposure to anyone exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms in the past week.
    ...a staff member requests it for their own health concerns (some of us may be, or care for, someone who is immunocompromised).
  • Please cancel your appointment, at no cost to you, if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms or have recently tested positive for Covid. We are happy to assist you in rescheduling. Thank you for your consideration as we make this policy shift safely. We have seen how effective masking has been in a massage setting, having no known transmission of illness these past three years within our clinic. Visit The Massage Sanctuary knowing that we are here to support your health and wellness!
  • We will continue to meet and exceed hygienic requirements required by the state’s department of health. This includes, but is not limited to: thorough hand washing before and after every massage session, wiping down all of our equipment, supplies, massage tables and headrests, chairs, lotion bottles, doorknobs, light switches, and any other surfaces touched by the massage therapist or client during the treatment session. Additionally, we are increasing the time between appointments to 30 minutes to allow staff to thoroughly disinfect the restroom, sink, water cooler, front desk area, and point of sale equipment between clients. We will use disinfectant cleaning supplies recommended by the CDC. Each treatment room utilizes a HEPA filter air purifier with UV-C light.
  • All table linens will continue to be changed after each massage and laundered by a professional laundry service. Non-permeable, wipeable covers will be used under the linens on each massage table and pillow. YOU ARE WELCOME TO BRING A CLEAN BLANKET IN A CLEAN BAG FROM HOME AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO THIS FALL/WINTER IF YOU LIKE THE COZINESS AND WEIGHT OF ADDITIONAL LAYERS DURING YOUR MASSAGE.
  • We encourage you to use credit cards or non-contact forms of payment instead of cash or check, thank you.
  • You will notice that our appointments available online are limited. We are currently scheduling 45 or 60 minute sessions. Please call us at 206-322-5549 if interested in shorter or longer sessions. They may be available if the day's schedule allows.