Welcome! For two months now, and with much help, I have been actively
re-designing the Massage Sanctuary website to more perfectly reflect who we are as a massage practice. My goal was to impart the tranquil atmosphere of our space while making it easy for our clients to navigate the pages and find out everything they need to know about our services, our therapists, our rates, and our availability. Yet, I found myself stuck in finding the perfect words and pictures to convey our high quality bodywork and care we offer.

Recently I read an article by Lisa Frost, entitled, “How to Commit to What Matters Most to You”. The author suggests that some of us may think we value commitment (to our relationships, our health, our career) but we live as though we value freedom more. We neglect prioritizing what we truly care about, choosing to stick with it, taking steps towards our goals, and holding ourselves accountable in the process.

A year and a half into owning this beautiful, healing Sanctuary, I’m still daunted at times by the role I’ve stepped into. No longer a practitioner whose sole focus is on supporting my clients’ well-being, I’m now responsible in part for the livelihoods of five incredible colleagues, for paying the business taxes, and for being accessible and responsive to the public in a way I never had been previously. I’ve been afraid to start this project, fearing I wasn’t capable of it, worried the extra work on a re-design was distracting me from what really mattered – showing up. Being present for those looking to heal something in their body or lives through touch. For the team of genuinely caring and gifted massage therapists here who share their talents with you. For myself, following an amazing period of challenge and growth.

The transition has not always been smooth. I have not always felt committed. Last month, I participated in a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage training. It was my first experience with this harmonious, fluid, deeply spiritual style of bodywork. A Lomi Lomi massage session begins with the practitioner inviting the receiver to choose a focus for the massage, an intention for physical, mental, or emotional healing. The receiver should ask: what is the outcome I want to achieve? Feeling calmer, more flexible, centered? What would I like more of in my life? Stamina, range of motion, peace? What do I hope to release? Tension, postural patterns, anxiety? I believe the practice of setting an intention, during a massage or in life, is very useful in deepening our commitment to what we value. It’s not the only step we take toward our goals of getting in shape, letting go of pain, or launching a website, but it may be a very important step. So here I am, committing. Inviting you to do the same. How do you want to feel in your body? What do you desire more of in your life? What trouble or pain do you wish to be free of? May I support you on your path?

Post by Melissa Conklin, LMP, Practitioner/ Owner of The Massage Sanctuary LLC

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